Online or High St Agent – Who will sell your home?

Selling your home. Looking for an Isle of Wight Estate Agent to Market your property. What is the best type of Estate Agent to market your property?

There are two main types of Estate Agents to pick from High St Agent or Online Agent. But which is best for you?

Online Agents – Online Agent offer the cheaper way to Market your property but cheaper isn’t always better. If all you require is for your property to be seen online and the most basic of Estate Agency services then online is the best choice for you. Your property will be advertised on one of the major property portals and unless you pay more you will be required to undertake all of your own viewings. Selling your own home is not as easy as it looks. Research has shown that home owners make one of two mistakes. Over sell or Point out the properties flaws. So if you do choose online pay for the viewings extra. You will also pay for sales progression as an extra. As this option is rarely taken the fall through rate for sales is much higher with an online only Agent. So you should pay for this option too. Once this is paid for along with  “professional pictures” and extra add on’s an online only Agent will cost about the same as a High St Agent. The only difference between the two at this point is that you pay an online Agent up front (whether they sell it or not).

High St Agents – High St Agents are driven to Market your property by the fees you pay them once they have sold your property. This means they are driven to Market your property to the highest standard or they will not be paid. The High St option also means that you have Agents on the ground, calling out your property and in the office for passing customers to go in and discuss properties. Active buyers usually head to the High St to pick up printed details to compare at home so this in invaluable as a service. With your High St Agent you will usually not have to pay for any extras so you know that when your property is sold you know how much you will pay on completion. So with greater marketing and sales progression you are more likely to achieve a higher price and for your sale to actually complete.

The choice is yours but pick wisely. If you are lucky enough to have a property on the Isle of Wight then you could have the best of both worlds with Every Agency the Isle of Wight Estate Agent. Giving complete Estate Agency coverage of both online and High St coverage along with all three major property portals. All for the same price as a High St Agent

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